Magic Blades Figure Skating Club Honors Olympians Everywhere

TILTON — The winter skating season wrapped up on Saturday, February 22 for the Magic Blades Figure Skating Club with its 17th annual skating exhibition at the Tilton School Ice Arena. Skaters in the MBFSC program come from all over the region: Belmont, Bristol, Campton, Center Harbor, Concord, Center Barnstead, Franklin, Gilford, Gilmanton Iron Works, Hebron, Holderness, New Hampton, Northfield, Plymouth, Sanbornton, Tilton and even one skater from Newton MA.

Magic Blades holds classes at the Arena Monday evenings from September through February and finishes every year with a show celebrating the achievements of its members from age three through adult.

This year, several young members completed the US Figure Skating Basic Skills curriculum. Ila Bartenstein, Maggie DeVoy, and Colleen Harriman all earned certificates acknowledging passing the Freestyle 6 level; the highest award in the Basic Skills Program. Adult skater, Celeste Quimby, finished her Basic 1-8 levels and entered the ranks of Freestyle this year, her third year of skating with Magic Blades.

Other skaters represented the Club at a variety of events around New England this winter, including Maggie DeVoy's recent success at the prestigious Skating Club of Boston—the East Coast home of US Figure Skating—winning gold in the Preliminary Test Track division.

Sarah Steenbergen was also recognized by the Club. A senior at Sant Bani School, Sarah had skated in middle school with Magic Blades in Waterville Valley, but dropped it for many years. As a junior in high school, Sarah was encouraged to pick up the sport again and with hard work, dedication and a lot of practice quickly moved through the Basic levels and entered the Freestyle levels over the summer. Sarah is applying to college now. She has some acceptances but is waiting to hear from some schools before making a decision on her future.

This year's exhibition was Magic Blades' quadrennial tribute to the winter Olympics.

· The youngest skaters, Emma May, Tessa Richardson, Karis Sweeney, Frank Sweeney, Mason Vose and Keenan Wilcox represented Switzerland's Downhill Ski Team.

· Basic 1 and 2 skaters Isabella Jenna, Kyleigh Jenna, Lauryl May, Abigail Seal, and Julie Vose came out strong as the Jamaican Bobsled Team.

· The English Curling Team was represented by Basic 3 skaters Kylee Abbott, Abigail Gilbert, Beckett Gilbert, Kylie Hall, Rhiannon O'Gara and Bridget Wilcox.

· The (gold-medal winning) Canadian Hockey Team comprised of Grace Denney, Elizabeth Johnson, Vivian Kennell, Jordyn McElroy, Mariam Rabuck, and Dominique Yasharian; all Basic 4 skaters.

· Ellie Beaudet, Johnny Beaudet, Max Marinace and Jillian Weaver, Basic 5, skated as the Russian Biathlon Team.

· Basic 6 skaters Ellie Nicolas and Lilly Wright were graceful as the pairs skating team from China.

· The Spanish Snowboard Team included Freestyle 1 and 2 skaters Emily Alperin, Reilly Gray, Laurel Heiner, Olivia McLean, and Sarah Steenbergen.

· The Advanced Freestyle skaters, Ila Bartenstein, Maggie DeVoy and Colleen Harriman were the US Figure Skating Team.

· Adults Rose Marie Marinace, Dina Rabuck, Celeste Quimby and Julie Vose skated as the Speed Skating Team from the Netherlands.

Magic Blades, skaters young and old, are invited to join the complimentary program at the state of the art arena at Plymouth State University. The Plymouth State Skating Academy holds lessons on Sunday nights during the winter and Tuesday nights during the summer, and shares the same USFS curriculum and professionally trained staff with Magic Blades.

For more information about both programs visit and for program information and skating times.