Garden Club brings agriculture to the classroom

NEW HAMPTON — The New Hampton Garden Club once again participated in the NH Farm Bureau's Ag in the Classroom project.

Each year the Ag in the Classroom committee chooses an accurate agricultural book to share information with students. The book chosen this year by NH Ag in the Classroom for Ag Literacy Day was Down On the Farm: Chickens by Hannah Ray". This book was purchased by New Hampton Garden Club, read to several classes at the New Hampton Community School by Phyllis Schofield and Linda Dowal and presented to the school for their library.

The book provides an introduction to chickens by taking a look at why they are farmed, anatomy life cycles, different breeds, eggs and related customs. One classroom is already involved in this learning project by hatching eggs. The fifth graders at the school are Jr. Garden Club members and have their own greenhouse in which they have seeds already planted. This endeavor is supported by the ladies of the New Hampton Garden Club in aiding them with planting, watering and general gardening chores.

They will be having a plant sale in a few weeks to raise funds for other greenhouse projects. During the holiday season they raised Christmas Cactus plants for sale to the public. Visitors to the greenhouse are welcome, check in at the office at the New Hampton Community School.