Inter-Lakes students help others learn in Career Partnerships

MEREDITH — The Greater Meredith's Career Partnership Program continues to make great strides bringing together the Inter-Lakes high school students and community businesses.

With some students, there seems to be one common goal for their second semester: Helping the other students of Inter-Lakes School. Cammy LaBonte, a junior at ILHS, has been shadowing and helping the 3rd grade co-teach class with Ms. Billera and Mrs. Greenlaw for the third quarter. Cammy also shadowed Mrs. Geib's kindergarten class a couple of times to see which age group she may want to teach after college. She is now pursuing a quarter 4 internship with Mrs. Howard's 5th grade class.

These opportunities not only help the high school student decide to study education in college, but they also help to foster great relationships between the older/younger students at Inter-Lakes. Dani Arceno is a junior at Inter-Lakes High School. She visits Mrs. Browher's 5th grade class daily to help students with their school work. They are currently learning the states and their capitols. They think of Dani as a big sister and look forward to her visits.

Alicia Peverly is a senior at Inter-Lakes and visits Mrs. Meier's 2nd grade class three times each week to help with classroom projects, reading and one-on-one student learning time. Alicia really enjoys her time spent with the younger group and the students like learning from a 'big high schooler'. Natalie Duffield is a senior at Inter-Lakes and shadows Mrs. Towne in the Occupational Therapy Department at ILES twice per week. Natalie helps with various students in and out of the classroom. She is currently trying to decide which major to pursue in college: Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy and this internship is helping her decide just which one to choose.

John Findlay is also a senior at Inter-Lakes and has been helping Ms. Eynon in the Music Department and Ms. Hill in theatre for 2 years now. John helps to teach the younger students music and helps them with their instruments and also lends a helping hand with the various plays put on by the middle school theatre. John is a phenomenal leader and has definitely earned the respect of the students he helps. Jack Williams is a freshman at Inter-Lakes and heads down to the elementary school four times per week to help a few students in the 6th grade with their homework in the after school homework club. Jack enjoys discussing strategies with these students to help them manage their work in a more timely manner. Jack is also interested in education and believes that this mentorship may help him decide just what he would like to pursue in college.

The Career Partnership Program is proud to help facilitate this process for these and many other students. For additional information about the program, contact Executive Director Rhonda Hanaway at 279-6162 x 304 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information about the Greater Meredith Program (GMP), contact Liz Lapham, Executive Director at 279-9015 or visit .