NH Humane Society Now Opening at Noon on Weekdays

LACONIA — New Hampshire Humane Society will alter their hours of operation beginning on April 1 to accommodate the adopting public. The animal shelter, long a fixture in Laconia, located on Meredith Center Road, will stay open later on regular business day through the week beginning in April, making it a little easier for those wishing to adopt a pet, or those finalizing their adoption of a new four legged family member.

Newly appointed Managing Director, and shelter spokesperson, Marylee Gorham said, "we realized closing promptly at 5 p.m hasn't made the adoption process as user friendly as it should be. Many hard-working folks simply couldn't get to the shelter before closing through the week, and would be rushed on Saturdays. We identified a need for change, to make things better for the animals, and the people that want them".

New opening hours will be noon to 6 p.m Tuesday-Thursday-Friday. No change to Saturday hours 10 a.m to 4 p.m. A new noon opening time will allow for more efficient cleaning of the facility, and daily care of the animals, historically a herculean task to accomplish before their former 10.a.m opening time. Now, staff and volunteers, who still report for duty at 8 a.m but have a longer period for cleaning, training, and animal care before opening to the public at noon. Extending the day by one hour in the evening, until 6 p.m., will allow for a more streamlined adoption process, rather than the race against the clock many have experienced.

Gorham noted that only 20% of prospective adopters consider a shelter animal as their first choice when looking for a new family pet. NH Humane Society felt a need to respond to the needs and wants of the community and those with love in their hearts wishing to adopt an otherwise homeless dog, cat, puppy or kitten. As a stand alone animal welfare agency, NH Humane Society relies on donations and public support from those that are aligned with their mission, finding forever homes. NHHS is a registered 501-3 c charity pledged to care for the lost, abused, abandoned and unwanted creatures in the region, until adoption day.

For information about the many shelter programs, and animals available for adoption call 524-3252 or check www.nhhumane.org