LEEF Presents Spring Grants to Laconia Teachers

LACONIA — At the Laconia School Board meeting on March 4th, Joan Leroux and Carole Davis of The Laconia Endowment Educational Foundation presented its Spring semester grants to teachers that will benefit programs in all five Laconia schools .

One went to Donna-Marie Gamlin and Toni Manning of Elm Street School for an Apple TV and converter box that will enable students to create videos and share them with the whole class. It will also allow education apps on an I-Pad to be taught to groups.

Another was given to Leigh Buliung and Christine Cook for the purchase of Penfriends, which will aid nonverbal students at the Middle School and High School make oral presentations and create interactive teaching boards. This provides a voice for these students and allows them to be active members of, and participate in, their learning groups.

The third went to Bobbie Stormann of Woodland Heights School to help her develop a library of audio and e-books for classroom literature circles and book projects.

The final grant was presented to Liz Rosenfeld and Jamie Spulick from Pleasant Street School for e-readers to create a book club called "Kindle Classics" which will read and discuss classic books appropriate for grades 4-5.

LEEF provides cash grants, once in the Fall and again in the Spring, to schools and teachers for purchasing equipment and supplies, or for funding activities or programs that contribute to enhancing the educational experience of Laconia's students. These grants are awarded for requests that would not be funded through the school district's budget. Teachers can apply for grants via applications available from the administrative office in each school or from the central S.A.U. office.

The Laconia Endowment Educational Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization, run by volunteers, whose mission is to help secure quality education in Laconia schools by providing financial and other assistance, not funded by tax dollars, for programs and materials that significantly increase student achievement.