Homeless documentary will premiere at Belknap Mill next month

LACONIA — Invisible to many, the homeless are facing problems of their own making and from circumstances beyond their control. Once in that situation, it is difficult to recover.

However, some are finding programs where they can gain a sense of self-worth, discovering hidden talents and ways to make a fresh start.

"The Invisible People" is a documentary highlighting an art and photography project in Laconia and a transitional program in Canaan where those willing to put in the effort can gain new skills that offer a step up and perhaps out of their difficulties "The Invisible People" will premiere with a showing at the Belknap Mill at One Mill Plaza (near City Hall) in Laconia on Thursday, April 10, at 7 p.m.

River Crew Art in Laconia provides art supplies and cameras to the homeless, guiding them in sharpening their skills and gaining a sense of accomplishment. Meeting on Monday mornings, the program provides a supportive environment for experimentation, followed by a hot meal for the participants. Each year, River Crew Art holds an art and photography show where their creations are put on exhibition, to critical acclaim.

A Sacred Place in Canaan offers a safe location for those willing to work with farm animals and gain agricultural skills. More importantly, those camping there will have a permanent address to use in applying for work and benefits. The hours may be long, but the work is not difficult and it produces new skills that participants can rely on when they are ready to move on. The program has given a boost to those who are sincere about trying to turn their lives around.

The $10 admission fee will help to support the Liberty Independent Media Project's ongoing mission of showcasing the arts, history, and culture with a special focus on those overcoming adversity.
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