Your Personal Errand Service Provides Peace of Mind for Those Needing Assistance

LACONIA — As an eighteen year resident of the Lakes Region, Marge Wooley came to realize there was a real need for someone to help people with everyday tasks. Individuals are often housebound due to physical limitations of age, injury or illness, or simply too busy in their professional lives to get everything done. In response to this issue Wooley recently founded Your Personal Errand Service, LLC.
Among the many services offered, Wooley will personally pick up groceries, mail packages, return library books, go to the pharmacy or any number of other errands to and from homes and businesses within the communities of Laconia, Gilford, Belmont or Tilton. She'll even take your dog or cat to the veterinarian for you. As the Daytime Supervisor at Lakes Region Pet Resort for two years and an avid animal lover, Wooley is always eager to provide pets with love and attention.
Your Personal Errand Service, LLC also offers companionship to those seeking someone to visit and play games with a loved one who is alone during the day. "A lot of people feel torn because they have to be at work while a senior parent is by themselves all day. They realize that it can be very isolating and lonely. I provide periods of camaraderie to break up the monotony and offer the adult child some peace of mind", states Wooley.
In addition, she offers assistance with meal planning and preparation. Main courses and soups can be frozen to use over a period of time. She'll even sit with seniors when they have a need for a repairman or utility provider to come to their home. "It can be frightening for seniors to allow a perfect stranger into their home while they're alone. I sit with them, keeping them company and offering a feeling of safety during this uncomfortable time".
She extends this service to busy professionals as well. They often find it challenging to be available to let service providers into their home during working hours; especially when there is usually no way to know the exact time they will arrive. Wooley waits for them at the residence, stays during the house call and makes sure the home is locked up properly when the work is complete.

Wooley is fully insured and references are available. She carries with her at all times a Criminal Record Authorization Clearance provided by the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of State Police. "I don't want anyone to have to assume I am an honest, law abiding member of the community. I am happy to show proof and am not offended in the least when asked. There is too much at stake with the care of loved ones and personal property". To see a full list of services provided, go to or call 603-556-7440.