Inter-Lakes Alumni Group to Mark 90th Anniversary

MEREDITH — The Meredith/ I-L Alumni Association committee has been working very hard on plans for the upcoming Annual Alumni Gathering on June 1 at Church Landing in Meredith. The Association was begun by the Senior Class of 1924 and this year the Association will celebrate it's 90th Anniversary.
The Senior Class notes from 1924 state that, "Mr. Nelson appointed a committee of five from the Senior Class to take charge and make plans for "Alumni Day". It was from this first committee that the idea of an Alumni Association began and the rest is history, as the saying goes.
The Annual Gathering has been a part of the Alumni Association for many years, and in the early years of the Association the event was held in the Grange Hall at noon, the same day as graduation. Later the annual meeting was changed to being held in the evening, the day before graduation. Over the years this event was at times held at the old Town Hall, and on one occasion it was held at the Wakitatina Restaurant.
In honor of this special year and in recognition of the Class of 1924 the price for this year's event has been reduced to $ 19.24.
The Association also wants to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to all those alumni who have donated to the annual "Giving Letter", which supports the Alumni Scholarship Drive for deserving seniors at Inter-Lakes High School. There are three- $1,000.00 scholarships given out each year through the generosity of alumni. Donations can be sent to The Alumni Association, PO Box 1076, Meredith, NH 03253.