Sold Out Comedy Night at Pitman's Freight Room

LACONIA — The comedy nights at Pitman's Freight Room in Laconia continue to grow to the point where more than 30 people had to be turned away from the show Saturday, Feb. 15 when 215 filled the room to see comedy stars Tony V and Bob Seibel perform.

The 215 eclipsed the crowd of 202 which turned out last February to see Jim Lauletta, Graig Murphy, and Chris D.

"People kept calling all day," said Pitman's owner Dick Mitchell. "We kept taking reservations, but I was worried we wouldn't have enough chairs. But Connie (Dick's wife) kept saying 'Yeah, we can fit you in."

"The people loved it," added Mitchell. "It was a wonderful show. ''People were thanking us for doing this type of event in Laconia.''

"This was the second show which drew more than 200," added Mitchell. "The fan base is growing. We had two groups of college kids which we haven't had in the past. The people like bringing in their own food and drinks. It's a fun night."

Connie Mitchell added, "We rented 20 chairs and still had to use some stools and our office chairs."

Seibel, who performs in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and cruise ships, was impressed with the room as well as the overflow crowd during the snowstorm.

"I had a ball," said Seibel. "The owners were hospitable, the people were great. I loved the room. After something like that, you're on an emotional high from the energy level of the show and feeding off the crowd."

The next comedy show at Pitman's is March 15 at 8 p.m. starring Joe Yannetty (Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, and more than 40 television appearances), Ryan Gartley, and Abishek Shah. Tickets are $15 and Pitman's is a BYOB venue.