Athletic Dept. & Coaches Council re-instating Laconia Hall of Fame

LACONIA — The Laconia High School Athletic Department in conjunction with the Coaches Council is proud to announce the reinstatement of the Laconia Athletic Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame was introduced in 1983 and was active through 1985. After a three year hiatus, there was a fourth class elected in 1989. Upon research, there have not been any findings of any other classes at the time of this release.

There are a total of 18 Hall of Famers to date. The Laconia Athletic Coaches Council that is made up of former and current coaches with vast years of coaching experience. The Coaches Council was put together in 2007 to work as a governing body to support athletics in many different ways. One of the most recent directives has been to revive the Athletic Hall of Fame. From there, a committee was put together to write a mission, develop parameters, and implement a schedule to go forward.

The mission of the Laconia High School Hall of Fame is to recognize past student-athletes, coaches, contributors, and teams to preserve the memory of their accomplishments or their exemplary service to the LHS Athletic Program. The Hall of Fame and our school community value pride, leadership, and honor and celebrate achievement, tradition, integrity, and sportsmanship.

The LHS tradition of athletics goes back over 100 years. Several athletes have been nominated in years past. There are no records of past nominees, so for future recognition, all applicants will start fresh from here on. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee will be made up of the following: The LHS Athletic Director, at least one administrator, active and retired educator(s) from LHS, active or inactive coach(s) who have coached for at least five(5) years in the Laconia School District, and community member(s) who have strong enduring connections to Laconia High School Athletics.

The Coaches Council will choose the first Selection Committee. Afterwards, the Selection Committee will choose its members with the approval of the school administration. The LHS Athletic Director will serve as the chairperson of the committee. Voting for candidates will be done by secret ballot. Non-voting members may be appointed by the Selection Committee to support its efforts to conduct historical research, design and update the web page, plan functions, assist in financial matters, and anything else the Committee decides to support the Hall of Fame.

The criteria for consideration are as follows: Participation or service in the athletic program at LHS, or performance in the school district; athlete or coach's eligibility begins seven years after graduation or completion of coaching; and representation of the the values, attitude, and conduct that align with the school's mission during and following his of her career at LHS. The nominator must also provide evidence of worthiness through statistical data, clippings, All-state, All-conference, All-American, school or state records, team or individual awards, contributions to the Laconia athletic community, etc.

It is the duty of the nominator to provide as much information as possible, then, it is up to the Selection Committee to cross-check the information for validity. The Selection Committee will only evaluate information sent by the nominator. Nominations are due by May 31, 2014. Nomination forms can be found on the Laconia High School website at, under the Athletics tab.

The Selection Committee will announce the inductees at some point during the first two weeks of July. Induction will occur on the evening of Saturday, September 20 during Homecoming festivities. There will be a pre-reception for invitees at the Meredith Village Savings Bank Culinary Arts Center in the new Huot Center, followed by a banquet in the auditorium, and completed back at the Meredith Village Savings Bank Culinary Arts Center for a dessert reception. The incoming class will be announced along with a re-
induction recognition of the 18 prior inductees, whom are: Class of 1983 Inductees(YOG), Class of 1984 Inductees(YOG), Penny Pitou(1956),  Jack Irwin(1950), Kathy O'Neil(1977), Jeep Munzey(1949), Richard Tilton(1927), Guy Hamel(1968), Bernie LaCroix(1949), Doug Hounsel(1951), Class of 1985 Inductees(YOG), Dick DeVarney(1961), Peter "Beau" Lessard(1949), Steve Stetson(1969), Bidge Clement(1927), Mike Giguere(1969), Robert "Bobby" Conway(1941), Kent Yale(1972), Chip Veasey(1973), and the Class of 1989 Inductees(YOG). 

For any further info please contact Craig Kozens at 455-5235.