GHS mag named the "Most Outstanding High School Literary-Art Magazine" in the country

GILFORD — Obsessive Image, the Literary/Art magazine of Gilford High School, has been named the "Most Outstanding High School Literary-Art Magazine" in the country for the third straight year. The magazine is scored in the areas of content coverage, organization, design, presentation, and creativity. Out of a possible 1,000 points, Obsessive Image scored 990 points.

In their remarks that go along with the award, ASPA states that "Obsessive Image is an amazing publication! You have mastered not only the elements of a good publication, but you have also published excellent works from your school population. Obsessive Image is a model for those up-and-coming magazines and inspiration for those magazines that haven't quite "aced" the necessary skills."

The editors for the 2013 Lit Mag included Sarah Gill and Roland Dubois, now freshmen in college. The editors remaining on the 2014 staff are Sarah Cook, Lindsey Essaff, Casey Warnick, Jake Adams, Stratton Coleman, Emily Hanf, and Nate Boutwell. Joining these students on the 2014 staff are Olivia Edson and Heather Hunt. Advisor to the magazine is Gilford English teacher Scott Hutchison.

"We hold high standards," says senior Sarah Cook, "what's good doesn't always get in. We showcase the best work being produced in the school, and Gilford writers and artists are incredibly strong."

Junior editor Jake Adams feels that "It's kind of crazy the way we work—we received and read over 400 pieces of writing last year, and they go through multiple rounds of discussion and voting to be included. And then there's the art and photography—we looked at a lot of outstanding student work, and we're happy with what we put together."

Advisor Scott Hutchison laughs, "I feel like I might be repeating myself since this is the third year for us winning the award, but when it comes to our success we're really reaping the fruits of a cumulative effort that starts with a community philosophy of support. Gilford is a community that supports the schools and it supports the arts. It begins with people being enthusiastic about school programs. If you walk through the GES, GMS, or GHS hallways, you see wonderful student art and photography on display. Gilford is alive, vibrant, and talented, and these incredible editors at the high school level are committed to bringing those artistic efforts into focus."