Gilford Rotary Murder Mystery Saturday at Belknap Mill

GILFORD — The Gilford Rotary Club and the On Stage Theater Company present "The Art of Murder" the 7th annual Gilford Rotary Murder Mystery on Saturday, January 18, from 5-8 p.m.
Rotarians, families and friends plan to attend and for the first time this year a limited number of seats are open to the public. This is a pot luck, BYOB dinner event with a $15 cover charge, all donated to the acting club for its scholarship program.
Participants at this fundraising event join at dinner tables to compete against other tables to solve the mystery. Actors will mingle and eat dinner with participants, offering bad jokes and clues related to the mystery. This year, Gilford Rotary invites the public, providing an opportunity to meet local Rotarians from multiple area clubs. If anyone has considered joining a local Rotary club, this is a good opportunity to meet local members and learn about the benefits of membership and the incredible charitable contributions.
RSVP is required and the event is being held on the third floor of the Belknap Mill in downtown Laconia. This is an adult event and participants are invited to bring their own adult beverages. Soda, coffee, tea, ice and other non-alcoholic beverages will be provided by Gilford Rotary. Participants are asked to bring your choice of a main dish, hors d'oeuvres, salad or a dessert.
Fifty reservations are available to the public but, always go quickly for such amusing events. RSVP along with information on what food item you will be bringing along to Russ Lunt, Gilford Rotary, 387-9772.
Gilford Rotary an organization of business and professional men and women who have accepted the ideal of service as a basis for attaining fulfillment in our business, personal, and professional lives, and by serving our community. The Club meets every Friday morning at 7 Patrick's Pub in Gilford. More pictures and more information of the Club's charitable activities are uploaded on the Gilford Rotary Facebook webpage, a webpage anyone may see at