Pulitzer Prize winner Hedrick Smith speaking at LRCC

LACONIA — LRCC SPEEKS, a student organization, will be hosting Hedrick Smith, Pulitzer Prize winning author, PBS documentarian, and Frontline producer on January 22 at 7 p.m.

He will be speaking at Lakes Region Community College in the Academic Commons which is part of the college's new $6 million Arts and Sciences Building. Smith is promoting his book "Who Stole the American Dream". The public is invited.

His books include: Who Stole the American Dream?, The Power Game, The New Russians, Rethinking America, The Media and the Gulf War, The Russians, The Pentagon Papers

His PBS documentaries include: Making Schools Work, Rediscovering Dave Brubeck, Juggling Work and Family, Critical Condition, Duke Ellington's Washington, Seeking Solutions, Surviving the Bottom Line, Campaign Finance: Abuses and Reform, High Tech Jobs – School to Work, The People and The Power Game, The Greening of the Class of '94, Across The River, Pathways to Success, Challenge to America

His Frontline programs include: Can You Afford To Retire?, Is Walmart Good For America?, The Wall Street Fix, Tax Me If You Can, Inside The Terror Network, Dr. Solomon's Dilemma, Guns, Tanks, and Gorbachev, After Gorbachev's USSR, Poisoned Waters, Bigger Than Enron