Sanbornton Planning Board to Consider Adoption of Housing Chapter of Master Plan

SANBORNTON — The Sanbornton Planning Board will be holding a public information hearing to present a proposed up-dated Housing Chapter of the Sanbornton Master Plan. This public hearing will be held on Thursday, January 16 at 7 p.m. at the Town Office at 573 Sanborn Road (NH Route 132). The purpose of the hearing is to present to the public a proposed 14 page draft of an up-dated Housing Chapter of the Town Master Plan and to receive public input concerning the proposed Housing Chapter.

The previously adopted Master Plan, which was adopted in 1995, included a 21-page Housing Chapter. The proposed Housing Chapter was prepared by an eleven member Housing Advisory Committee which was created by the Sanbornton Planning Board in February 2012. Since that time the Housing Advisory Committee held thirteen meetings, many of which were attended by housing experts from state and regional housing agencies, including the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, Laconia Area Community Land Trust, Stewart Property Management and Lakes Region Planning Commission. All committee meetings received administrative support and technical assistance from the Sanbornton Town Planner.

The new Housing Chapter includes up-dated housing and demographic data with inventory and analysis of housing supply, housing characteristics, housing conditions, housing costs/affordability, housing needs, housing projections as well as a summary and list of nine housing recommendations concerning all aspects of housing in Sanbornton including special emphasis on senior housing and work force housing.

The proposed Housing Chapter is available for review on the Town of Sanbornton website []. Anyone having questions about any aspect of the proposed Housing Chapter should contact the Town Planning Office at 286-8303.