Knit Purple Crying Caps to Raise Awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome

GILMANTON — "Purple Caps" is a campaign to raise awareness about the fact that many infants are injured by being shaken. It educates people about how to deal with normal infant crying in a safe and appropriate way. When infants are very young they go through a period as purple crying and their crying ramps up in frequency and intensity. This can be hugely frustrating for parents and is the time during which parents are most likely to shake a baby out of frustration. That's why purple has been chosen as the cap color for this project.

The Gilmanton Corner Library would like to invite all knitters and crocheters to the Corner Library every Saturday 10 a.m.-12 to knit caps for these babies. On Saturday, January 18, the first session will explain "Shaking Baby Syndrome". June Garen will be giving the instructions for knitting the caps. Free pattern and donated purple wool will be provided.