Kennell Orthodontics rolls out red carpet for its clients at VIP event

MEREDITH — After months of planning and preparation, Dr. Alan Kennell of Kennell Orthodontics, Laconia, and his team hosted Kennell Orthodontics' Red Carpet Movie Premiere at Barn Z's Cinema in Meredith. This patient appreciation event was enjoyed by almost 300 VIP patients and their guests.

Kennell Orthodontics presented "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and "Free Birds" at this VIP All Access event. Moviegoers found themselves captured on the Red Carpet with lights, balloons and even paparazzi. VIP guests were greeted by Dr. Kennell in his tuxedo and his staff in their evening gowns.

"It's just our way to show our patients that we appreciate and value them at a fun event for all ages," said Dr. Kennell. Kennell Orthodontics was thrilled to partner with Tim Barnes, owner of the local Meredith cinema. "Barn Z's Cinema was a perfect fit to host our honored patients and their guests. I always find it valuable to develop great local business-to-business connections."

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