Dentist's 'Operation Gratitude' sent candy to troops

GILFORD — Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region is excited to announce the success of their patients' and the Lakes Regions' participation and support for Operation Gratitude. On November 5th, Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region encouraged their patients and the local community to drop off their donations of Halloween candy. For everyone pound of Halloween candy donated, Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region paid $1.

Operation Gratitude seeks to put a smile on a service member's face and express our nation's appreciation by sending care packages and letters personally addressed to U.S. Military deployed in harm's way, their children left behind, Military families in crisis, Wounded Warriors recovering in transition units and First Responders assisting with natural disasters and humanitarian relief.

Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region collected and shipped 128 pounds of candy to Operation Gratitude with the efforts of 33 participants and received $31 back from many children for the benefit of the 2013 WLNH Children's Auction.

Jayda Glines and Michele Loyer put together their own Operation Gratitude at Lakeland School and collected a total of 26 pounds that they dropped off at Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region. Although the girls were awarded $26, they donated $20 of their earnings to the WLNH Children's Auction.

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