Genealogy workshops in Wolfeboro

WOLFEBORO — Beginning on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 the Wolfeboro Public Library in conjunction with The Lakes Region Genealogy Interest Group will be offering a series of workshops for anyone who is interested in genealogy. Each workshop in the series will be offered on the first Tuesday morning of the month from 10 a.m. to  noon and will feature both manual methods and computer generated programs for recording genealogy.

The first workshop is for both beginner and more advanced genealogists. Packets of blank pedigree charts, family group sheets and research logs will be provided for those wishing to record their genealogy without the use of computer programs. For those wishing to use computer generated genealogical programs, Legacy Family Tree has donated discs of their 7.0 program.

The main portion of each Tuesday program will delve into not only the tried and true methods of researching family records, but will also address innovative solutions for uncovering those hidden and elusive family records, frequently known as "brick walls", records which often baffle family genealogists.

For a short portion of each Tuesday program, the newly released version of Family Search/Family Tree will be delved into in detail with weekly focus on mastery of just one aspect of this comprehensive research tool. Family Search/Family Tree allows the public to access a large portion of the worldwide digitized and indexed census records, birth records, death records, burial records, marriage records, probate records, land records and military records which are held in the Family History Library, the largest such library in the world. Unlike other available programs of this nature, there is no subscription fee required and no other fees charged in order to access these documented records.

For more information call 569-2428 or visit