Santa Claus Will Visit Center Harbor December 6

CENTER HARBOR — With a twinkle in his eye and red lights leading the way, Santa Claus will continue a long tradition of visiting E.M. Heath Supermarket in Center Harbor on December 6 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

While allowing his reindeer some time to rest for the big night on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will have the help of the Center Harbor Fire Department with a fire truck parade escorted by the Center Harbor Police Department to deliver him to E.M Heath Supermarket at 5 p.m. The Santa Claus Parade leaves from the Center Harbor Fire Station and goes up Route 25B to Chase Circle then over through Kelsey Avenue down Bean Road to Route 25 to the Main Street entrance to E.M. Heath Supermarket.
Once Santa arrives to greet all the good boys and girls waiting excitedly in front of E.M. Heath Supermarket, he will climb down from the fire truck and greet the children as he makes his way inside the store to visit with each child. Each child will have a visit with Santa Claus, tell him if they have been good or bad and give him their Christmas wish list. Each child will then have a free picture taken with Santa Claus and receive a small gift. There will be milk and fresh baked cookies for the children while they wait for their visit with Santa Claus. Pictures will be available in store on Monday December 9 hanging on the freezer section doors for the children to take home.