PSU Sketches Guggenheim exhibit opens December 2

PLYMOUTH — The Karl Drerup Art Gallery and Exhibitions Program at Plymouth State University will present Sketches are Contagious: An Exhibition of Works by Hans Guggenheim, December 2 through February 28, 2014 in the Drerup Gallery's Mini Gallery. An event celebrating the opening of the exhibition will be held from 4–6 p.m. on Tuesday, December 3.

Hans Guggenheim is a world-renowned anthropologist, artist, teacher and humanitarian. For him, the practice of sketching is as basic and natural as the act of breathing. Each sketch in this exhibition is provides a sample of the thousands of sketches he has created over a lifetime and collected into sketchbooks of varying sizes, styles of binding and kinds of paper. All the sketches share qualities of heart and hand and the incredible capacity to closely observe the world and connect with others that is representative of Guggenheim's work.

Professor Guggenheim will present "From Egypt with Love," featuring images of famous drawings from the Caves of Lascaux and Altamira, the vase drawings of Greece, and drawings from the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Sketches by Leonardo, Michelangelo and Picasso will also be considered, as will multi-sketch computer-video productions used by contemporary architects. Guggenheim's talk is part of an ongoing lecture series on artists and war.

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