New Belmont High School initiative puts focus on students being college & career ready

BELMONT — Being college and career ready is the new movement at Belmont High School, and with the School-to-Career program in full swing, students have teamed up with local professionals to better prepare them for future success.

The new School-to-Career Coordinator at Belmont High School, Amy Burke said, "Students at BHS have a great opportunity where they can learn more about career pathways, explore occupations, test the waters, and see if it is a good fit for them! Businesses around the Lakes Region have been gracious and wonderful to work with. They open their doors and take the time to meet with students and show them the ropes. It is more than a mentoring experience; it is a life changing experience for some!" 

According to Paige Norkiewicz, a junior at Belmont High School, "I would encourage more students to participate in school-to-career opportunities because it is an amazing way to learn more about jobs/subjects you are interested in." 

Norkiewicz recently spent the day with Engineers from the NH Department of Transportation in Construction, Highway Design, Environment, Materials & Research, Bridge Design and Right of Way departments. With Civil Engineering as her main career aspiration, she has already scheduled her next school-to-career opportunity with NH Department of Environmental Services to explore this arena in more depth.

Chris Ennis, a senior at BHS has also taken advantage of the new database and is earning credit through an internship at The Lakes Region Boys & Girls Club which he discovered using the new database. He is able to spend time learning from supervisor, Norm Gilbert, while practicing his skills motivating and leading youth in areas of sports, fitness, and recreation.

“This real world learning experience has helped me discover skills that I didn’t even know I had. Being able to think quickly on my feet, being prepared for unplanned situations, and being able to communicate effectively all have had a major impact on my life and my future.”

Belmont High's School2Career program offers students career and post-secondary explorations, job shadows, internships, informational interviews, company tours, career forums, employment preparation workshops, resume services, application assistance, job searching techniques, and guidance with the new career software tool, CCSpringBoard. This provides an interactive Living Portfolio and Matchmaker assessment tool, occupational profiles, detailed career information and more.

In November, students will have the opportunity to participate in the first of four Career Panels planned for this year featuring local professionals from a different career pathway each time. Education & Training will start in November. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics is scheduled for January. Arts, A/V Technology & Communications will be in March. Health Science-Biotechnology Research & Development will close out the school year in May.

Students or business interested in participating or for more information about the Belmont High School's School2Career program, visit site/belmontschooltocareer/ or contact Amy Burke directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 267-8477x343.