International Film Series – The Namesake on Monday, November 4

LACONIA — The Laconia Human Relations Committee, in cooperation with the Laconia Public Library, presents ''The Namesake'', Monday, November 4 at 6:20 p.m.
The Namesake depicts the struggles of a young couple brought together in an arranged marriage in India, tenderly told with a bit of humor. Soon after, they immigrate from West Bengal, India to the United States, settling in New York City. The film chronicles the family's cross-cultural experiences, particularly of their son and daughter. The father, a university lecturer, struggles to understand his son.
Their son's name is Gogol, named after Russian author Nikolai Gogol. It becomes an embarrassment for him. The film chronicles Gogol's cross-cultural experiences and his exploration of his Indian heritage as the story shifts between the United States and India.

Gogol starts off as a lazy, pot smoking teenager indifferent to his cultural background. He resents many of the customs and traditions his family upholds and doesn't understand his parents. After a summer trip to India before starting college at Yale, Gogol starts opening up to his culture and becomes more accepting of it. After college, Gogol changes his name to Nikhil or Nick. He works as an architect and dates a Caucasian woman from a wealthy background. He feels closer to his girlfriend's family than his own.
The Laconia International Film Series is open free to everyone. Brief informal discussion follows the film. Light snacks are provided.