Double art Display opening at The Busiel Mill Oct. 24

LACONIA —  A double art exhibit will be opening at the Busiel Mill on October 24, nature photographs by: "Becca Bacon Photography" and paintings by: "Ruth Lukasiewicz "

All work will not only be displayed but also available for off-the-wall purchasing.

Becca Bacon is a young nature photographer from Lakeport, who is known for her use of zero photo editing. Her work can be seen around the Lakes Region at many local businesses and popular restaurants. She has donated her photographs to many local charities, including The WLNH Children's Auction.

Ruth Lukasiewicz creates whimsical works to capture the fun side of art. Ms. Lukasiewicz's work comes from the heart using oil, chalk, acrylic, and water color.

Art showing will be on Thursday, October 24 from 5-8:30 p.m.