Moultonborough Recognizes 2013 Community Partners

MOULTONBOROUGH — At its meeting of October 3, the Moultonborough Board of Selectmen praised the participants in the Town's program to beautify prominent public locations under the Adopt A Spot program. In this sixth year of the program six businesses or service clubs and two families adopted 10 spots throughout the community ranging from the Town entry sign at Center Harbor to Sutherland Park.

Participants included the Karen and James Nigzus & Family at Playground Drive, Pine Ridge Lawn & Landscape at Town Hall, Dion's Plant Place at the North Parking Island of Town Hall, the Moultonborough Women's Club at the South Parking Island of Town Hall, Pine Ridge Lawn & Landscape for the front of Town Hall, Miracle Farms Landscaping at the Town Line @ Center Harbor and Public Safety Building,  Moultonborough Toastmasters at the Transfer Station, Donnybrook Home Services at Sutherland Park and the Recreation building, and Robert Patenaude for the Town Line at Bean Road.

This year those Selectmen also had the pleasure of thanking an expanded list of community partners who assisted in the fledgling Adopt A Facility program and the kick-off of the Community Garden. McCarthy Lawn and Property Management adopted the grounds keeping at the Public Safety Building saving untold hours for the local DPW crew.

Meanwhile at the Lions Club facility on Old Route 109 some 20 families were able to enjoy working alongside others on their own plots in raising healthy produce for themselves and others in the Community Garden effort led by Ken Kasarjian. In addition to  Kasarjian's committee's efforts the community had partners with contributions of labor and materials from McCarthy Lawn and Property Management, Lamprey Suburban Septic Service, the Moultonborough Lions Club, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Wayne and Ed Richardson, Brian Blackadar Electric, E.M. Heath's Hardware, Aubuchon Hardware, Dion's Plant Place, Lacey Irrigation, Ralph Mitchell, Gilbert Block, and Picnic Farms.

All were given certificates of appreciation and the top three spots in the Adopt A Spot program were given special plaques of recognition, after a judging by local gardeners. First Place went to Dion's Plant Place for the Center Island at Town Hall, Second Place went to Donnybrook Services for their work at the Center area at Sutherland Park, and Third Place went to Moultonborough Toastmasters for their work at the Transfer Station on Route 109 North.

Joel Mudgett, Chairman of the Moultonborough Selectmen said, "The Board and I cannot thank our community partners enough for their efforts. It is always a challenge to keep such efforts healthy and thriving and this year they even expanded to new areas of service with our Community Garden. If you did not have a chance to see the results of the effort and contributions it can easily be described as a rousing success. Almost 20 families were able to enjoy working alongside others on their own plots in raising healthy produce for themselves and others. We can also tell you that more than produce grew in those spaces. Friendship and community pride grew as well."