Lincoln Financial Foundation Awards $7,000 grant to Riverbend Center

CONCORD —  Riverbend Community Mental Health has received a $7,000 grant from Lincoln Financial Foundation for one of its most innovative children's programs, the ASD Emotional and Social Enrichment Program (AESEP). Lincoln Financial Foundation has been a supporter of the program for seven consecutive years.

"Lincoln Financial Foundation believes this is an important investment in the well-being of children with Asperger's Disorder and their families," said Byron O. Champlin, program officer for the Lincoln Financial Foundation.

"Riverbend plays a critical role in the capital region, touching the lives of many children and adults. By supporting Riverbend, Lincoln Financial Foundation's goal is to help assure strong and innovative mental health services that benefit the entire community."

Lincoln Financial Foundation's support for the AESEP program has allowed parents of children receiving treatment for Autism and Asperger's Disorder to obtain training, peer support, and education about how autism spectrum disorders, which includes Asperger's, affect their children and impact the family structure.

Said Allan M. Moses, Acting President/CEO of Riverbend, "We are very grateful to Lincoln Financial Foundation for its ongoing support. This year's support allows us to focus on the children and their groups that enhance their skill building to improve their success in school, at home and with their peers.''

Founded in 1963, Riverbend is the Capital region's sole community mental health center and largest provider of specialized mental health and emergency psychiatric services in central New Hampshire. Over 9,000 children, families and adults are served annually, including many serviced by a facility in Franklin.