Alexandria author releases new romantic novel (300)

 ALEXANDRIA — This week marks the nationwide release of "A Family Affair," a new romantic family life novel by Alexandria author Maxwell MacPherson Jr.

"A Family Affair" begins the adventures of Alex and Bess as their romance blossoms. MacPherson weaves the families' tales around a young man's experiences with various forms of wildlife and other animals. Fishing, hunting, animal husbandry and animal observation are a constant thread throughout the story. The opening scene takes place on a river in Alex's hometown, where Alex enjoys himself as he walks along the paths of the Pasquaney River and fishes for salmon while observing Blue Herons, mink and red-winged blackbirds. Comedy and, then, when least expected, tragedy, follow the lives of the various characters.

From the catching of a duck on a fly made from duck feathers to the untimely death of Abigail, Bess' sister. Then, the rampage of a large four-footed animal in Belchertown and the sudden impact of a falling tree killing Alex's old friend's wife and unborn child. The episode of Blackie, Alex's pet crow, provides entertainment for both Alex and his schoolmates as the intelligent bird heals from a broken wing and takes small objects and drops them on the school roof. Will the love of Alex and Bess overcome the obstacles they face? Readers will experience laughter and tears as Alex tells about growing up and falling in love—the struggles, the joys, the bewilderment and the discoveries he makes.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

MacPherson has written numerous articles for fly fishing and fly tying magazines. He also writes original song lyrics. A graduate from New York University, he lives with his wife, Darlene, and their cats, Moon and June, in central New Hampshire.