Belmont farm welcomes the public this weekend to learn about alpacas

BELMONT — On September 28 and 29, Juniper Knoll Farm in Belmont is participating in National Alpaca Farm Days. During the weekend, alpaca breeders from across the United States and Canada will invite the public to come to their farm or ranch to meet their alpacas and learn more about these inquisitive, unique animals, the luxury fiber they produce, and why the alpaca business is perfect for environmentally conscious individuals.

From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Juniper Knoll Farm will welcome guests to join them for an informative visit and tour, all free. Juniper Knoll Farm is located at 307 Bean Hill Road.

Alpacas, cousins to the llama, are beautiful, intelligent animals native to the Andean Mountain range of South America, particularly Peru, Bolivia and Chile. The United States first commercially imported alpacas in 1984. There are now over 160,000 registered alpacas in North America.