Gallery Space Hosts Bobotas Photography Exhibit (149 w/2 col. Karen)

 LACONIA — Photographer, Karen Bobotas will be hosting an Open House at the Gallery Space located at 27 Canal Street on Thursday, September 19 from 4-6 p.m.

Her works have been on exhibit since the beginning of September and can be seen until the end of the month. The event coinsides with the Market Place located just around the corner from the Gallery Space between U Frame We Frame and the Art Supply Shoppe.

Karen's photographs range from traditional topic images to creative abstract pieces. In every case her keen eye and subtle approach to each image is reflected in the exhibition. This is a perfect opportunity for the public to see and discuss the photographs with the creator of the images.

For details call the Gallery Space at 387-3687 or on Facebook



Karen Bobotas (Courtesy photo)