Exhibit at The Studio this month portrays Elvis Presley’s Graceland

LACONIA — Photographer Evelyn Lamprey gives us an intimate, almost cozy, view of Elvis Presley's home Graceland in her "Just Like Us, Only Not" display at 6 p.m. at The Studio in Laconia.
During a visit to Graceland last year, Lamprey was allowed a short amount of time to capture pictures. The images that are being shown at The Studio reveal an almost-average home, dated and nostalgic, with only a few glimpses of the over-the-top excess that we often associate with Elvis. "I was surprised at how unpretentious so much of it was," says Lamprey. "Even the pretension is often tempered by the mundane, and sometimes the tacky - an arrangement of silk flowers on an exquisitely set dining table, a single wilting plant in an over-sized terracotta pot, poolside."
Melissa McCarthy, who curated the exhibit has reached out to other businesses to bring "Just Like Us, Only Not" further in to the community. The unique frame samples used came from Will Lehmann Frames in Sandwich, and the large stuffed animals in the window installation are on loan from the St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop. The owner of Polished and Proper Barbershop and Shave Parlor, is working with McCarthy also.

The exhibit runs through the month of September at The Studio, 50 Canal Street in Laconia. For more information call 603-455-8008.