BLC Tree Care Specialists take 2nd & 3rd Places at annual Woodsman Competition

GILFORD — Belknap Landscape company tree care specialists Ossian Batchelder and Clark Gareau took the second and third place spots in the annual Woodsman Competition at Gilford Old Home Day.

Batchelder, of the Belknap Landscape Company (BLC) Tree & Crane Service crew, won the Pole Climb contest and earned a 2nd place overall, scoring 30 points.

Gareau, BLC Tree Care Specialist, with 31 points, took third place in the overall score in the BLC-sponsored lumberjack contest.

Nick Haskell, currently employed by UNH at Bartlett Experimental Forest, was the first place finisher.

Instrumental in the event set-up, the timber milling and delivery, these employees joined in the fray with 26 others on a sunny Old Home Day. Gareau previously completed his course of study and exams to become a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Certified Tree Care Safety Professional or "CTSP". Belknap Landscape earned TCIA Accreditation status last summer.

This past season Gareau has earned the NH Arborist Certification, as well.


At the August 24 Gilford Old Home Day Woodsman Competition are Belknap Landscape Tree Service Technicians Clark Gareau, Ossian Batchelder and former member of the UNH Woodsman Team Nick Haskell, currently employed by UNH at Bartlett Experimental Forest. These 3 lumberjacks, shown here listening to competition rules before the event began, ended up taking 3rd, 2nd and 1st places, respectively. (Courtesy photo)