Alton Bay Campground observing Sesquicentennial

ALTON — On Saturday, September 7,  the Alton Bay Campmeeting Association/ABCCC will celebrate its 150th birthday with various activities throughout the day which are open to the public, including lots of music, a birthday party with refreshments being served, and historical displays.

Governor Maggie Hassan has proclaimed September 7 – 13, 2013  as Alton Bay Campmeeting Sesquicentennial Week.

The grounds of the current Alton Bay Campmeeting Association in Alton Bay, became the first officially recognized and sanctioned permanent summer campmeeting site of the Advent Christian church in New England when the Inaugural Campmeeting commenced September 7, 1863 and concluded September 13, 1863.
The ABCCC since its inception has been comprised of evangelical Christians from various denominations, from all walks of life, and hailing from every region of the United States of America who believe in the Triune nature of God and that the Bible is the infallible Word of God. Historically, the annual week-long campmeeting built a religious platform for preserving, sustaining, and actively promoting the underlying theology of the Advent Christian Church and the Second Great Awakening which emphasized the individual recognition of one's sins and the need for personal Salvation through Jesus Christ.
Over the past 150 years, these annual Campmeetings which drew tens of thousands of people at their zenith, stimulated attendees to influence their culture and society by applying Christian teachings in the resolution of America's social problems thereby significantly aiding the abolitionism, temperance, workers', and women's rights reform movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Traditionally, throughout their 150 years of existence, the Alton Bay Campmeetings have steadfastly promoted the cause of Christ and the Christian faith and provided Christian education through the proclamation, study, and application of God's Word.
The Alton Bay Campmeeting Association consistently provides opportunities to minister to the needs of the total person through worship, reflection, prayer, rest, recreation, fellowship, and participation in a wide variety of activities such as Sports and Music Camp and Vacation Bible Schools.
In recent years the ABCCC has become a year-round specialized ministry including various evangelical ministries, seminars, and retreats which aid in spiritual life and growth. For more information, call 875-6161 or visit the website at