082313 Woodsman Competition Returns to Gilford Old Home Day (216)

GILFORD — An old-time lumberjack competition will return to Gilford Old Home Day again this year.

The competition will be held Saturday, August 24 starting at 1 p.m. at a  large field next to Gilford Elementary School.

Planned individual competitions include Axe Throwing, Wood Splitting, Horizontal Chop, Chainsaw Speed Cut and a Chainsaw Disk Stack, an exciting timed 40-foot Pole Climb and even a Birling contest. Team competitions are always a big draw at such events and Gilford's Woodsman Competition includes a Pulp Toss, a Log Roll and Cross Cut Sawing, as well.

Belknap Landscape Company's  Tree Service Division is heavily involved in support of the Town's Old Home Day festivities, contributing their Altec 26-ton tree service crane to set and secure a large tree for the pole climb. BLC Tree Service crews are supplying a huge load of milled timber and log chunks for splitting, all as specified by the UNH event coordinators.

Bringing extensive experience with such competitions, AJ Dupere, Head Coach of the UNH Woodsman Team, will be bringing a number of UNH Woodsman team members along, with all the necessary equipment and running the competitions.

Gilford Home Center owner Bill Finethy is providing brand new Stihl chainsaws for the event, along with fuel and oil, chaps, hard hats as well as  ear and eye protection,