091313CADYGrantMVSB (331): 3X CADY grant

MEREDITH — Communities for Alcohol-and-Drug-free Youth (CADY) was selected as one of 19 local non-profit agencies to receive a grant from the Meredith Village Savings Bank (MVSB) charitable fund in 2013. CADY will use this $5,000 grant to support the LAUNCH Youth Entrepreneurship Program, an employment program serving the youth of the Newfound and Pemi-Baker Regions.

CADY, Inc.'s LAUNCH Program is an innovative youth development program that combines workforce development training and substance abuse prevention strategies. Since its inception in 2005, the program has provided over 200 local youth with the education and skills needed to help them earn their first summer job and paycheck. Throughout the year-long program, youth participate in weekly skill-building workshops to develop life, leadership and other pre-employment skills. The program concludes with paid summer employment at Frosty Scoops ice cream shop, developed in collaboration with Alex Ray and the Common Man Family of Restaurants.

In May 2012, the White House and Office of National Drug Control Policy selected the LAUNCH Youth Entrepreneurship Program to serve as its featured youth program for the National Summer Job and Campaign.

"CADY's community prevention work is purposeful, meaningful, and significant as is MVSB's commitment to youth. The MVSB award of $5,000 will build life, leadership, and preemployment skills throughout this academic year and culminate in paid summer employment for 20 local youth from June through August," said Deb Naro, Executive Director of CADY, Inc. "This grant has opened opportunities for local youth to develop confidence and decisionmaking capacity, acquire new skill sets in real-world settings, and build the healthy community connections that help prevent substance use. CADY is very grateful to MVSB for building possibilities, potential, and promise."

CAPTION — (From left to right) Nancy Mardin, MVSB Branch and Business Development Manager presents a $5000 check to CADY, Inc representatives Tim Tyler, Restorative Justice Coordinator, Deb Naro, Executive Director, Linda Kaminski, Administrative Assistant, and Ann Stark, Data Coordinator. This check represents a $5000 grant from the Meredith Village Savings Bank Charitable Fund to support CADY’s LAUNCH Youth Entrepreneurship Program. (Courtesy photo)