090113Beyond The Fringe Relocates to Streetcar Building (439 w/3 col Fringe)

LACONIA — Local salon owner Kelsey Nims knew she needed more space to satisfy growing customer demand for services. As the owner of Beyond the Fringe, she knew that she needed more parking, larger styling areas and updated equipment, which meant moving.

So, when she began searching for just the right space for her salon, she knew it was going to be a challenge. When introduced to the available space in the historic Streetcar Building in downtown Laconia  she knew it was the right fit, for her and her clients. Open in the new location since early 2013, Nims is thrilled with the growth she's witnessing.

"To take Beyond The Fringe to the next level, I knew I was going to have to move. When I saw the Streetcar Building location, it was obvious: the physical characteristics of the building and the available space were so impressive, I knew I wanted my salon associated with the heart and soul of the Lakes Region community. With over 1,000 employees in one-quarter mile of the downtown area, the Streetcar Building is the right space for the salon, now and in the future. I couldn't be happier with the increase in our client base."

Weeks Commercial, the largest commercial and industrial real estate brokerage firm from the Lakes Region to the north country, handled the transaction. Sales Associate Kevin Sullivan brokered the lease and maintains the exclusive listing for the available remaining space in the building.

The Streetcar Building houses professional/office and restaurant space in a historic, turn of the century brick manufacturing building. Completely renovated in the 1980's for its current use, the building was originally home to the Laconia Car Company, which manufactured cable cars, and then the Laconia Shoe Company. It is owned by Cable Car Realty of Nashua.

Bill Dube, owner of Cable Car Realty, reflected on his confidence at having a locally owned real estate firm handle the transactions in the building. "Weeks Associates has done a great job bringing quality tenants to the Streetcar Building. Cable Car Reality has a history of downtown revitalization efforts in New Hampshire and we want to be an integral investor in the redevelopment of downtown Laconia. As such, the addition of Beyond The Fringe to the building is a welcome addition to the other fine tenants we have and continues to help rebuild a strong economic base in the local community. Our partnership with Weeks is a rewarding and fruitful one."


Realtor Kevin Sullivan of Weeks Commercial Real Estate and salon owner Kelsey Nims stand in front of the entrance to Beyond The Fringe Salon, which opened early this year. (Courtesy photo)