Wesley Arts presenting variety show at Methodist Church on Sunday

GILFORD — Comedy, vocalists, dancers and instrumentalists will join together to entertain at a Variety Show on Sunday, August 18 at 3p.m.at First United Methodist Church in Gilford.

The Wesley Arts Committee of the church has put together a lively program which will be followed by dessert. This marks the 20th year that the church has brought a summer dessert theater to the Lakes Region.

Director, Karen Jordan, has chosen a variety of performers from Betty Welch and Ben O'Brien on the piano to Patsy and Rob Tacker, Rev. Tom Getchell-Lacey and Kathy Smith doing music with guitar.

Karen Jordan, Bo Guyer, Patte Sarausky, Lynn Dadian, and Kathy Blake will perform Broadway numbers while Randall Sheri performs the classic, Because. Interspersed in the program will be comedy by Hoyt Hall, Dick Walden and Peter Ayer. Phil Breton accompanies the singers and adds his comedic touch.

Families bringing their talents to the show will be April Corriveau and family members Catarina, Crinna and Kaylee performing a song accompanied by dance and Ben O'Brien and "The O'Brien Clan" performing an instrumental medley of Irish songs which he has arranged.

The dessert following the show will include cake with berry topping and coffee or punch. A donation of $6 is being requested and may be paid at the door. For more information call 528-6485.