081513 Free Library Stations at Moultonborough Beach, Playground (146)FreeLittleLibrary

MOULTONBOROUGH — As of Friday, July 12, two "take a book, bring a book" free book borrowing stations have been set up in Moultonborough for the reading enjoyment of those who find themselves in need of reading matter, and are either too far from the library or need a book at times when the library is not open.

One is located on the side of the lifeguard shack at the Long Island Beach, and the other on the side of the red Recreation Office building near the gate to the town playground. The shelves have been stocked with hardcover and paperback books, and the library staff hopes that appreciative readers will take the books they want, and keep the shelves filled with books they have finished and want to pass along to the next reader.

Library handyman Richard Kennedy built the stations and children's librarian Judi Knowles decorated them.