CENTER HARBOR — The Center Harbor Hazard Mitigation Update Committee is reviewing a draft update to the town’s Hazard Mitigation Plan on Tuesday, August 13 in the Center Harbor Municipal Building beginning at 9 a.m. 

The committee, which includes members of the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Fire and Police departments, the Emergency Management Director, and a local citizen reviewed the various hazards the put the town at risk and has developed recommendations to protect the safety and well being of town residents. Residents of Center Harbor and representatives from neighboring communities are encouraged to attend and provide input.

Hazard Mitigation Planning is as important to reducing disaster losses as are appropriate regulations and land use ordinances. The most significant areas of concern for Center Harbor  identified by the Committee include severe winds, flooding, and the transportation of hazardous materials. With the update to the Hazard Mitigation Plan, community leaders will be able to prioritize actions to reduce the impacts of these and other hazards. Community leaders want the town to be a disaster resistant community and believe that updating the Hazard Mitigation Plan will bring Center Harbor one step closer to that goal.

For more information please call Kenneth Ballance, Center Harbor Emergency Management Director at 455-6823 or David Jeffers, Regional Planner, Lakes Region Planning Commission at 279-8171.