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BRISTOL — The Pasquaney Garden Club invites the community to join them for a garden party on Tuesday, August 20 from 9-11 a.m. at the new and improved "Butterfly Garden" behind the Minot-Sleeper Library in downtown Bristol. Attendees are encouraged to bring a lawn chair, broad-rimmed hat and sunscreen if needed. Refreshments will be served.

The 2013 version of the Pasquaney Garden Club's Butterfly/Rain Garden began as a result of the construction of the new Minot-Sleeper Library wing. Unfortunately, the construction of the new wing destroyed most of the the old Butterfly Garden. Members of the Grafton County Master Gardeners were asked for assistance in planning the landscape for the new garden, including a courtyard landscape for the front of the building. To ensure the new garden would thrive, the Master Gardeners were faced with the task of using the expanded area around the landscaping plot, to be built as a rain garden and a buffer zone for the run off from newly roofed and paved areas.

On May 14 hundreds of plants arrived to be placed in their new homes. This daunting task was taken on by volunteer members of the Pasquaney Garden Club reinforced by cooperating members of the Friends of the Library. Over the next week more plants continued to come in and the first goal, to have the garden and front courtyard essentially planted and presentable, was accomplished by long days of volunteer labor from these clubs.

For more information about the project contact Nancy Marchand at 744-9485.