081513 Lucky Locals win in Hilltop Restaurants promotion (200 w/2 col lucky)

SANBORNTON — Tom and Sandy Christensen were extremely excited to be selected for the first drawing of the Hilltop Restaurants Lucky Locals Grand Prize.

The contest is part a restaurant promotion that Steele Hill Resorts has been running since the beginning of the summer.

"Many New Hampshire Residents don't know that the Hilltop Restaurant is open to the public. The lucky Locals contest has given residents a fresh reason to drive up our new road and sample the food and views" said James Dole, the Hilltop's Food and Beverage Director.
As the first of three grand prize drawings, the Christensens were selected for seven nights' accommodations to their choice of Las Vegas or Orlando. "I was very excited. I immediately went to get my wife and tell her the good news" said Tom Christensen when he picked up the certificate at the Hilltop. "I have a saying," Tom said, "that tradition often begins the day you arrive." The Christensens hope to make visiting the Hilltop Restaurant a tradition going forward.
"It is pretty simple. Anyone from New Hampshire that dines with us and mentions 'Lucky Locals' is entered," said Dole. "Our goal is to make the Hilltop Restaurant more accessible to locals. I am confident that the quality of our food and the unique setting will make them want to comeback."



Tom Christensen, Sandy Christensen and James Dole, Hilltop Restaurant's food and beverage director. (Courtesy photo)