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080113 New Hampshire Boat Museum Kids' First Programs: Let's Go Fishing (295)


WOLFEBORO —  The final offering in the New Hampshire Boat Museum's Kids' First Programs will have the theme of "Let's Go Fishing". The Museum is offering two different courses the first weekend in August.
First, for kids ages 8 and up and their parents, the Museum is offering a two-day hands-on session that will teach kids everything they need to know on how to fish. This will be taught by staff from the New Hampshire Fish & Wildlife Department. The class is Friday, August 2 from 5-8 p.m. and Saturday, August 3 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.. There is no charge for this course.
The two-day course offered by the New Hampshire Fish & Wildlife Department is designed to teach families basic ecological concepts, fishing skills and new ways to enjoy the outdoors.
The course covers basic techniques for fishing. The course includes six hours of hands-on instruction, plus a field trip in Wolfeboro for fishing. Topics covered in the course include basic equipment, fish ecology, responsible outdoor behavior, knot tying, fish identification, care of the catch, casting techniques, and safety.
Second, the Museum is offering "Let's Go Fishing For Young Ones." This hands-on morning will be Saturday, August 3 from 10 a.m.- Noon. There is a small materials fee of $3 for members' children and grandchildren; $5 for non-members' children and grandchildren. This hands-on program is for kids ages 5-8 and those attending must be accompanied by an adult.
Reservations are also required for both programs. Call the Museum at 569-4554 or sign up on-line at www.nhbm.org under Programs and Events for either of these courses.

Museum Director, Lisa Simpson Lutts says, "We are thrilled to be offering the chance for youth to learn about fishing through these two hands-on programs. It's important to teach kids to use our natural resources responsibly, while having fun at the same time."