072313 Clyde Wheatley performing July 27 at Alton Bay Tabernacle (113) ,

ALTON — Clyde Wheatley, an outstanding and highly original performer, will be performing at the Alton Bay Christian Conference Center in the Tabernacle Saturday evening, July 27, at 7 p.m.

 Wheatley is an accomplished jazz musician often called "the British Kenny G-with a hint of Benny Goodman". Clyde captivates the hearts of his listeners through every note that he plays—each one charged with emotion and feeling that conjures up memories and scenes in the lives and hearts of his audience. 

Clyde specializes in complimenting rather than dominating the function or event, and with this in mind, Clyde will integrate his music into the oasis atmosphere at Alton Bay CCC. There is no charge for entrance.