Windy Waters Meeting on Saturday

MEREDITH — The annual meeting of the Windy Waters Conservancy, formerly known as the Waukewan Shore Owners Association, will take place on Saturday at the Meredith Community Center, Conference Room B.
The doors will open at 9:30 a.m. for registration and the meeting will start at 10a.m.
The business portion of the meeting will include presentations of conservation efforts currently under way, including the Baird Property on Snake River, the Snake River Stewardship Committee, Monkey Pond remediation and the volunteer Lakes Assessment Program (VLAP).
The technical session will include presentation by two speakers. Ralph Kirshner, chairman of the New Hampton Conservation Commission, will describe the Snake River Stewardship Plan for the combined Spear and Baird properties on the Snake River. Mark Billings, chairman of the Meredith Conservation Commission and treasurer of the Town of Meredith, will speak on the economic and cultural impacts of conservation in the Lakes Region.
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