Jewish Food Festival at Temple B'Nai Israel July 14

LACONIA — Traditions, old and new, continue at the 15th annual Jewish Food Festival at Temple B'nai Israel in Laconia on Sunday, July 14 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The festival is about the taste and smells from the kitchens of Jewish mothers and grandmothers through the ages. This is not one dish at a time, not a meal at a time, but a huge array of all the textures and tastes that flood your senses when you are confronted with an array of cheese blintzes, stuffed cabbage and sweet and sour meatballs, matzo ball, cabbage and borscht soups, Moroccan chicken, chopped herring, liver, apricot couscous and Israeli salads, sandwiches of brisket, corned beef, pastrami and tongue, kugels, latkes, hummus, strudels, rugulah and more.
The Jewish women who congregate in the temple kitchen, cook these traditional foods while sharing family history and stories.
"I always form my matzo balls with two spoons", "no, you have to mold them by hand", "should we use schmaltz (chicken fat)?", "Too much fat," I use margarine", my Bubbie didn't use margarine!" Add a touch of sugar to the blintz cheese", shape them oblong", no they should be square". Master Chef Irene Gordon is the ultimate decision maker. Fold, chop, mix, talk, laugh, advise. And more than one husband or father has joined the cooking brigade, done the shopping, helped with packaging.
Temple B'nai Israel's take out service is available and includes most of the foods to be served on July 14. Pre-order on line at or call 267-1935 to place an order. Orders over $60 include a copy of Temple B'nai Israel's cookbook.
This Festival is about more than food. People will find treasures at the Nearly New Boutique on the front lawn, the lemonade stand, run by the children of the congregation traditionally donates all profits to St. Vincent de Paul's food pantry. The gift shop is full of new items, many for use for the High Holidays in early September. As for the traditional raffle, it has been streamlined to a 50-50 event with the drawing at 2 o'clock at the Festival. Raffle tickets are one for five dollars, three for ten dollars and 6 for eighteen dollars.
The Temple driveway, at 210 Court Street in Laconia, will be tented for dining comfort and credit cards are accepted.

Cooks at Temple B'Nai Isael prepare for the 15th annual Jewish Festival on July 14. (Courtesy photo)