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GILFORD — New Hampshire's own Crunchy Western Boys Band will be performing Friday, July 5 at the Thunder Moon Dinner and Dance at Beans and Greens Farm.
The event runs from 6:30-10 p.m. Tickets for the Thunder Moon Dinner and Dance are $20 for adults and $5 for children under 5 years old. For those who to pass on dinner and just take in the music, tickets are $10. Reservations are strongly recommended. No alcohol will be served as this is a BYOB event.
The band regularly plays their own versions of Bob Marley and U2 songs, but band member Steve McBrian points out "Our music is 90 percent original," adding, "We write a lot of our own stuff. We aren't really bluegrass. We have a rock and pop sensibility too." CWB, as they are known to their fans, is a prime example of what it is like to be well rounded and ungrounded.
Perhaps the best way to describe this group is fun..."it's clear they enjoy what they're doing", says Martina Howe of Beans and Greens Farm.
The group, made up of Morris Manning, Jim McHugh, Jacob Stern and Steve McBrian, play only acoustic instruments including banjos, fiddles, harmonicas and guitars. "I'm always joking that we're the loudest acoustic band on the planet," said McBrian, who, in addition to performing in the band, also handles their public relations.
Just as their music is rather eclectic and undefinable, so too is their fan base. McBrian is still sometimes amazed at the mix of people he sees when he looks out over the audience. There's another thing that amazes McBrian, too, "We get people to dance." This can be an elusive accomplishment for some musical groups, but not for these guys. "People tell us they aren't going to dance, just listen, but by the end of the night it's funny to see how many of them have changed their minds", reports Andy Howe, recalling last year's Thunder Moon event held at Beans and Greens Farm under the then-new Pavilion.
It was so much fun last year that the Howes have decided to do it again for the Independence Day weekend crowd, offering a lengthy menu made up completely of foods which were all produced and prepared right on the farm by their own staff. "We guarantee there's plenty on this menu and that no one will go away hungry", Martina interjects. From a choice between barbeque or teriyaki chicken, to gazpacho, a mix of vegetable, kale chips, hand cut french fries and more, not to mention a choice of delectable desserts for anyone who leaves room. After a meal like that, people will need to get up and dance to burn off some calories.
The Crunchy Western Boys Band has been at it for the better part of a decade, performing across the United States and regularly touring Ireland and the Caribbean which explains why their fan base is not limited to our area. They have opened for a long list of well-knowns in the industry including Allison Kraus and Union Station, The Charlie Daniels Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sugarland and The Guess Who to name just a few.
For information about the Thunder Moon Dinner Dance or renting the Pavilion, call Beans and Greens Farm at 293-2853.

The Crunchy Western Boys will be performing at Beans ' Greens in Gilford Friday. (Courtesy photo)