Mid-State Health Center Recognized as Rural Pacesetter

PLYMOUTH — In recognition of Mid-State Health Center's use of the New Markets Tax Credit program to improve the physical and economic health of those living in New Hampshire's North Country region, CEI Capital Management of Portland, Maine, presented the health care provider with its first Rural Pacesetter Award. Mid- State used the New Markets program to finance the construction of its non-profit community health center in Plymouth, an area defined as "medically underserved" by the US Department of Agriculture, and as a "health professional shortage area" as defined by the NH Health Resources and Services Administration.
Today, the outcomes of that initial investment are greater than expected. When Mid State began this project in 2008 it employed 37. Today it employs 85. In addition to providing much needed access to quality healthcare and to creating direct jobs, Mid-State has become a regional leader in spurring further community development. The local hospital built a satellite facility across the street to accommodate specialist physicians and
provide rehabilitation services. The development has become a magnet for other businesses too. Since Mid State arrived in Plymouth a variety of new commercial enterprises have sprung up, including Wilson Tire, Tractor Supply, CVS Pharmacy and other businesses offering services and hiring local residents.
Mid State's success has attracted further investment capital so that it may continue its innovation. Last year Mid State was awarded a loan by the USDA's Rural Economic Development office to replicate the Plymouth model by constructing a similar facility in Bristol.