071613 Olde Orchard Inn has vacancies for artists

MOUTLTONBOROUGH — After years of seeing their many artist friends struggle to find the resources to create their work, Shannon Fairchild and Tom Randell, owners of the Olde Orchard Inn, decided they were in a position to do something to help. Since 2011, these Lakes Region innkeepers have been welcoming a variety of artists to their quaint country farm in order to provide them with a peaceful, productive place to further their work.
The one- or two-week long artist "residencies" offer artists free accommodation, but in return they must share their work with the community at the end of their visit. Their exhibition, reading, lecture, performance or workshop can take place in the cavernous barn, but can also be held in the apple orchard or elsewhere locally.
"We have all this space here, and during the shoulder season when it's a little slower we have room to donate to working artists." said Fairchild. "Coming from a creative background myself, I know how difficult it can be to find an uncluttered space of one's own."
The first year Fairchild and Randell welcomed a singer/songwriter from Mississippi, and a poet/academic couple from Portland, Oregon. Last year saw three artists-in-residence: a young print maker/charcoal drawer from Boston via Michigan; another Oregon poet; and author/Master Dreamworker Susan Morgan, who was there to finish her third book, Death and Continuing On.
Residencies at the Olde Orchard Inn are open to all practicing artists, writers, musicians, and academics. Of the many applications they receive, two or three are selected each year for the Artist-In-Residence program. The Inn loosely looks at the word "artist" and is wiling to consider academics, musicians, crafters, healing artists, and actors, as well as more traditional art practitioners. Interested individuals may visit www.oldeorchardinn.com for further details, or contact Shannon at 603-476-5004.