071213 2nd Annual Franklin Elks Soapbox Derby is July 13 (156)

FRANKLIN — The 2nd Annual Franklin Elks soapbox derby will be held on July 13, with registrations at 9:30 a.m. and the races beginning at 10. It will be at Sky Meadow Lane a few streets past Mojolaki Golf course. (Which is on Prospect St.) There will be parking at Fairway Drive which connects to Sky Meadow Lane.
The derby is open to children ages 8 to 14. There will be different age groups competing with each other, and each child will receive a certificate of participation, the winners will get prize ribbons or trophies. Parents/guardians are urged to design and build the cars with the child. They will be open concept which means the cars can be built from bike parts, scraps of wood or frames from small go-carts, like they used to a few generations ago, but they must have steering, a way to brake, and the kids must wear helmets.
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