071513MboroWomensClub: 3X Moultonborough Womens Club CAPTION ONLY

Since last fall, several MWC members have been working on a new quilted banner for the club. The women decided to keep the same logo, which was designed by Betty Costello back in 1998. The logo depicts an M for the golden mountains, a W for the blue lakes, C for club, the hand for service. Gold represents durability and consistency, blue stands for steadiness and loyalty, red is for sacrifice and white is for purity. At the recent June banquet, this banner was ready to be revealed to the club. Working on the project was Mackie Heinrich, June Hall, Joyce Lund, Gayle Russell, Dotti Simpson, Cheryl Ulm, Lynn Worth, Trish Conley and Betty Costello as an honorary member. (Courtesy photo)