LACONIA — The Great NH Restaurants' T-BONES and Cactus Jack's bars are conducting a Red Sox rewards event through Sunday, June 23. This event allows Red Sox fans to receive instant prizes as the Red Sox players get on base, score and especially when they hit a grand slam.
Due to the team's surging spring, the restaurant company has given away nearly $100,000 this year to its patrons.
During each game as the hits, runs, and grand slams mount up, so do the rewards and discounts. "It makes everyone feel like we are all part of the Red Sox Nation family," states Great NH Restaurants owner and CEO, Tom Boucher. "I'm a huge Red Sox fan, as are most of our employees. I couldn't be happier about the Red Sox performance this year and our ability to keep the fun and spirit going, although I must admit that I didn't expect that we would give away over $75,000 in fan rewards!"