Moulton Farm and Golden View Offer Free Summer Series (383 w/ 2col spices)

MEREDITH — This summer Golden View, a non-profit community, is partnering with Moulton Farm to offer "Health Choices, Healthy Life" a series of three classes on nutrition and healthy eating.
Golden View's Registered Dietician, Marie Veselsky and Director of Dining Services, John Forsberg, are partnering with Moulton Farm Chef, Jonathan Diola, to present dishes using fresh local foods, giving everyone a chance to taste test samples and learn how to prepare healthy snacks and meals full of flavor.
All presentations will be held at The Retreat at Golden View.
Sign up for one or all three free classes this summer to learn how healthy food can also be delicious.
Class 1: Spice Up Your Life & Your Health - Thursday, June 20 at 6 p.m.
Everyone has had that moment, staring into the fridge wanting to try something new. This class will give people a chance to taste test new recipes with spices and herbs you may already have in your cupboard. The presenters will also talk about the health benefits associated with various power spices and herbs so you can get the most health out of each quick and easy meal.
Class 2: Eat Like a Caveman - Thursday, July 18 at 6 p.m.In terms of health and nutrition it turns out that our ancestors had it right all along. Join us to learn how getting back to your roots by eating a hunter-gatherer diet can improve your overall health. Taste test new recipes, including fish dishes, and discover how even "simple" foods can be delicious.
Class 3: Find Out What You're Made Of - Thursday, August 22 at 6 p.m. Learn how true the statement "you are what you eat" really is. This class will talk about what we're made of at metabolic level and how we can better "feed" our bodies. Taste test new vegetarian and lean meat recipes. Free health screenings will also be available for those who are interested.
These classes are part of Golden View's continuing commitment of providing our community with information important to their health and well being and are open to the public through Golden View's Community Benefit Program and in cooperation with Moulton Farm.
RSVP by calling Golden View at 279-8111. All presentations will be held at The Retreat.


Golden View and Moulton Farm are teaming up for a three-part series "Health Choices, Healthy Life". (Courtesy photo)